Cruisefest Nationals

Cruisefest Nationals has been a DropJaw tradition since the 2nd year we were created. The rumors about this show traveled long and far from Ohio all the way to North Carolina. Once we heard all about the show, we decided that this would be a great way to represent Ohio. At the time there were really no other shows that we had heard that much about. Darrel and his lovely wife Phyllis have always done a great job of giving everyone an entertaining, long weekend. The event normally kicks off by Friday but there are people there as early as Wednesday each and every year, getting a jump start on the weekend activities. With it being named Cruisefest, of course cruisin' is a big part of the weekend. Everyone at the show at some time or another cruises in their ride and gets their cruise strip time in. Most people set up next to the cruise lanes so they can see who all and what rides are getting their cruise on. Hangin' out and partying is part of this and pretty much any Modern Custom event these days...whether its back at the hotel, or like here at Cruisefest, the party stays on grounds so no one has to leave while drinking. Camping is a big part of this show, due to the fact that no one wants to leave and miss out on any of the action. There are some traditional events that happen each and every year like the massive burnout contest, a hydro contest that is above and beyond most that take place and there are always concerts and performances that happen every year. There are always plenty of vendors to check out and the huge car and truck show brings in some of Ohio's hottest Modern Custom rides. Even a little rain couldn't stop this from happening....people just kept on doing what they were doing. It was good to get back to Cruisefest seeing as how we missed it last was the only year we missed in 10 years. As for all the Cruisefest natives and all the new people that we met there this was great getting to see and meet everyone and we hope to see you back next year. Be looking out for DropJaw to be we always are. See ya next time.

coverage by: Glenn
editorial by: Glenn
booth representative: Nick